Trey Hughes & The Daydreamers

Los Angeles, California

Pop/Rock Alternative Singer/Songwriter Folk

“Tell Her in the Sunshine” – 2022 (Indie 80s Pop)

“Feed The Fears” – 2022 (Indie Rock Pop)

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15k plays


Hello I’m Trey, thank you for checking out my EPK.

I write and sing on all my songs as well as play most instruments. Sometimes my best friend “Trae Budde” co-writes some of my songs and he often times mixes/produces them. We’ve been buddies since middle school.

I work as a music teacher to pay the bills.

I started playing and writing songs in high school, I had my first band “Playground Vigilantes”

I went to school for songwriting at Berklee College of Music. Wasn’t much of a school guy so figured I might as well study what I love. While in college I put my act “Trey Hughes & the Daydreamers” together and played some shows in the New England area as well as recorded an EP.

After college I moved to LA started a band called “sleepy orange” with some of my college buddies. we played some cool shows but once COVID hit some band members moved home/ began other projects. I still have a band if I need to play live shows or record but it can be difficult to keep everyone on the same page so that’s why I went back to releasing music in my own name.

Few things make me happier than writing a good song. It feels like cracking a safe filled with gold. I am getting a little discouraged releasing songs and not knowing how to properly release them to give them their full potential and possibly get some syncs and sustainable growth. But regardless of that ill never stop putting out music,

Other random things- I love movies, nerdy fantasy books, hanging with my friends/family, concerts etc

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